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SC Italia's activity is inspired to encourage the development of Sustainability in the supply chain by improving the management of relations with suppliers. After an initial strategic approach, SC Italia's works in a very actionable way, that's the reason why we always assess customers' performances  before every our intervention and again after it to highlight the produced value.

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* CSL is a way to approach relationship with suppliers, by preferring the most sustainable ones. It allows companies to improve competitivity.

Initial assessment.  Before starting any work we offer an initial assessment of your procurement function’s performance, which we later use to quantify the effectiveness of any intervention.

CIPS Network.  With a global community of over 200,000 procurement professionals in 150 countries, we bring people together to share news and ideas through events, networking opportunities and discussion forums.

Custom-made inhouse training. We can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a team, define the requirements of different roles and highlight any skills gaps. Training programmes are then customised to fill the gaps.

Developing category plans.  We provide practical help to encourage interfunctional collaboration and define category plans that support your organisational goals.

CIPS Work-based Learning.  CIPS Corporate Award is practical, coursework-based training programme in procurement and supply that can be contextualised to your business or your industry. It offers a route to MCIPS, your internationally-recognised professional licence.

CIPS Corporate Certification.  Measure your procurement function against our world-class standards and achieve increasing levels of influence, control and involvement. Assessment dimensions: Leadership and Organisation, Strategy and Policy, People, Processes and Systems, Performance Management.

Change Projects of the function conceved to promote Sustainability.  Change Projects that operates on the five structural levers that are also the five dimensions of CIPS Corporate Certification: Organization, Strategy, People, Processes / Systems and Key Performance Indicators.  This approach allows well-focused interventions. Where necessary, we will support also the digitalization.

Qualified temporary staff. Overcome staff shortages by relying on professionals with skills, experience and qualifications from CIPS.

Recruitment support.  With our international network and our deep knowledge of procurement and the CIPS Global Standard – the comprehensive competency framework for procurement and supply – we can support you to define job roles and find suitable candidates. 

Value assessment.  At the end of each project, we will measure your procurement function’s performance and compare it to your initial performance to quantify the effectiveness of the work.  

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